Monday, June 16, 2008

Strange Cricket...

ODI no. 2707
Kitply Cup - finalIndia v Pakistan
2008 season
Played at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur (neutral venue), on 14 June 2008 - day/night (50-over match)
Result Pakistan won by 25 runs

Once again we put up a fine performance through out the league stages, mmmm cannot be termed as league stages as there were not much matches, between finals and the league stages.
But how often do we see our team scrambling towards finals and losing it in the boundary as if it is an unknown territory. I am sure this might be the feeling of folks who have viciously started
watching cricket due to the heroics of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar where team revolved around him and fell like a house on fire around him.

But atleast that sort of one sidedness i.e. towards Sachin (not Towards opponents) prevail. Fine for the fact that every one started contributing . I strongly feel that the team effort in Defeat is still better than the one man's show in victory. Some of my friend's won't agree that Defeat is better than victory. Yes of course. But looking at the Team effort it has to come over the matches rather than the one man show is always the Show stopper. If he fails then it becomes the crunch game at that point itself.

So i'm strongly still in favour of cricket in my country with the mightiest self belief i have ever had for the team. Yes the team india is playing as team india now. Probably this might be the real dawn for the era of Indian cricket domination in the field.

Even after all these things and talks i have started watching cricket only because of Sachin and i', watching it only because of him. A true architect of cricket in which once said to be prevailed gentlemannes (My Discovery - Don't Grab a Dictionary) still prevails in Sachin....

Hats off to Sachin for which he has taken our cricket to the next level.
P.S - "Doctors beware of your jobs, Sachin in the field leads to one billion healthy Smiles:-)"

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