Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Three cheers for Indian triumph in Aussie den

To go ahead with the way Indians have played, yes we get the feeling that Indians are out there to match word with word also matching performance to performance starting from ball to ball and eye blink to eye blink.
We can see a transformation in this Indian team from rejecting the seniors and captain taking on the gamble with his youngsters. It seems to have well paid off. This was the same case in 2000 when dada too had started a new era in Indian cricket which we should not forget. When thinking about this team i have finally found a difference. There when dada started experimenting with some of the youngsters they let it slip by not fulfilling the faith of their captain.
But here like an age old fairy tale whom ever Dhoni asked to perform they have turned gold and performed like there is no other day to perform. That is the nice attitude to be spread among the team. The key to the success of modern day cricket is to adapt the conditions pretty quickly.
That has been the watch word which was instilled by Anil kumble, the man who took the mantle to the highest summit in the test series. That was well fought and this ODI series was truly a reflection of the hunger of new found indian team.
Let’s not jump the spots and get into the discussion of whether this is the team for WC-2011 instead we take the steps gradually and hope we revive ourselves for the newly attained throne amidst of the reviving controversies.

Drink, Drank, Drunk

I’ve got this energizing passion for drinking. More than that it is to spend time with friends in a lively way. I’m not insisting on the fact that this is the lovely way to spend time with friends. Whatever i’ve mentioned here is purely my opinion.
When going gets tough, tough gets going:-) come out of box to think that i’m still high from my yesterday’s drink. Nothing of that sort. I’ve had friends who were very much feeling offensive when we even take our drinks to their room in search process of a shelter with in the reach. But that always happens. But sooner or later we had not thought of the fact that those friends would come into the same groove of mine or even a notch higher to call them top notch party animals. It all happened in 1 or 2 years after our college days. Yes more than the fact that they started partying, the way they came out with an explanation does leave me in deep abyss of identity crisis:-)
I’ve become vivid watcher of “In high Spirits”, a TV programme which explained about the combination of spirits to keep up your higher spirits nothing but cock tail explanations. What ever you do if it is within your personal space and not interupting others’ personal space everything under your roof is pretty much fine on your part rather my part.
Lot of things come into my mind when i write this piece but still i love not to be Bacchanalian also on the other side not a teetotalar. Love to drink and spend time with my friends with a warning tag on my head hanging bright and a notch higher “Drinking is still injurious to health”.